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Beyonce: Kim Kardashian Wants Public Apology After Wedding Diss - Hollywood Life

Beyonce: Her 9 Crazy Sexy New Summer Looks ? Vote For Your Fave After putting a NYC city cop on blast in a hilarious Instagram post for staring at her butt, and calling out baby sister, Khloe Kardashian , 30, for her secret romance with French Montana , 29, it seems like it is Beyonces turn to face Kims wrath. According to InTouch , Kim is still mad at the singer, and hubby, Jay Z , 44, for skipping out on her wedding. A friend of Kims told the magazine,Kim is done playing nice,Beyonce humiliated her. The friend also says that Kim,will never forgive Beyonce unless she gets a public apology. Wow! These are some pretty big claims. A friend even revealed that, Kim thinks Beyonces a fake, and that the real Beyonce is nothing like the one the public knows. Not showing up for the wedding was a total slap in the face, says the friend. And now Kims not afraid to call her out on it. It seems like the not so warm-and-fuzzy feelings may be mutual. A source told the magazine, Beyonce cant stand Kim, she thinks Kim got famous from a sex tape, while Beyonce has worked since she was 5 to get to where she is today. Beyonce thought that being photographed at Kims wedding would have made Kim look good and her look bad. This report is certainly a far cry from the rumors that were circulating before the wedding that Queen B would actually be one of Kims bridesmaids !

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